In 1902, Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez got engaged in Mexico City–they were both 15 years old.

The two kept postponing their wedding date and after more than six decades, ended their very long engagement when they said their vows on June 1969–they were 82.

Now, Mark and I don’t intend to beat Octavio and Adriana by having an Odyssean journey to the aisle. While the average engagement lasts 16 months, ours will clock in at two years and 11 months, beginning on January 2009 and ending on December 2011.

That sounds like a lot of time to plan the perfect party but getting engaged brought on more than just the usual concerns that have to do with event venues, centerpieces and wedding dresses, even though it is quite fun to obsess over a dress. Preparing for marriage has raised many questions about why we chose this path in the first place. Heading down the aisle has become both a happy yet tumultuous experience that makes one think hard about one’s values, priorities and concerns.

I started By-the-Book Wedding, which is inspired by our  initial theme for our big day: books. We have since changed our wedding day concept to something quirkier and more suited because the book idea didn’t seem to work in the long run. Check it at out our official wedsite.

However, as far as our personalities are concerned, we do not want to go strictly by-the-book when it comes to planning. Likewise, our own views of marriage and partnership are rather unconventional. We believe in a balance in roles between husband and wife rather than the ones that have been traditionally subscribed.

Through this blog, I intend to record moments of questioning and reflecting–alongside the usual updates on our planning as well as recommendations and reviews of wedding and marriage-related matters.

While questioning a major life decision might be seen as a symptom of indecisiveness, I believe it’s the opposite. Questioning allows us to explore the toughest aspects of what were in for and makes us think about how we would handle the future triumphs, tribulations and of course, the challenges of  married life. It won’t be an easy road and the truth is, an engagement never really ends on the wedding day: it is a story that continues for as long as we are committed and involved in  sharing our lives with others.

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