Chapter 18: Change of Heart, Change of Wedding Theme

Blogging backlog! Anyway, lately I’ve been trying to give the book theme some thought and I’ve started to realize that I think I’d like to go for something more personal.

Apart from that, book themes have been done quite a number of times already. Well, really, it’s just my being vain and wanting to be unique and furthermore, I’ll admit, my being KSP (kulang sa pansin = wanting for attention) that is at work here. Being the baby in the family must have to do with that in part so I guess marrying someone who is the eldest in his should balance out the brattiness.

So I talked to Mark about the idea of changing themes and we was definitely okay with it. While thinking of ideas, I thought first about our personality as individuals: crazy, mental, nutcases. Alright, maybe a little short of being childish—no, childlike! At 28 and 36 years old, I would like to believe that we still have this innocence, this naiveté in certain aspects of our life. I guess any couple, regardless of their age and life experience is, at the start of their marriage, at some level of innocence, having been freshly thrust into this new state of being wherein it’s not just about you anymore but you with your partner.

Anyway, so the words “young at heart” comes to mind and though that sounds uber cheesy to me, I like the idea that amidst the dark, pessimistic concerns of adulthood, we should still try to embrace  the positive qualities that we find in children–sheer joy, optimism and even brute honesty and shallowness. Life is hard enough. I suppose we should just lighten up.

From there, Mark and I thought of the things we liked as kids. There are commonalities but they don’t seem to be normal childhood things. For one, we both made our toys copulate. Yes, we did and for that matter, I guess we weren’t really that innocent as kids. I still remember the grin on my face as I received a Barbie Family set–obviously you would have to act out the way the “family” came about.

So I suggested other more common childhood things, particularly the circus/carnival. Who didn’t love the circus!? Images of street magicians, freak shows, cotton candy machines and acrobats immediately come to mind.

“Parang kiddie party yon,” Mark retorted. I admit that there are lots of kiddie parties that have circus themes with fire eaters and clowns.

“Yes, but think a more adult circus,” I replied. “More Criss Angel Mindfreak then Boyoyong clown,” I continued, referring to that famous trio of clowns who were a fixture in the local kiddie parties we both attended in the late 80s to early 0s.”More Carnivale!” I added, remembering the HBO series I used to obsess on back in 2004. “More Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus,” I further suggest, referring to one of my favorite movies of the past 2 years.

So for now, we’re trying to come up with a sort of surreal carnival wedding with friendly freaks, mind-bending magicians, and maybe a clown or two to entertain the kids and the kids-at-heart.

Carnival Wedding inspirations:

For fonts (in say, invitations and programs), something vintagey like Carnivale.

For the look of performers (magicians, host, etc.), something sort of gothic like that infamous masquerade ball in Labyrinth, another personal favorite.

For the program, something like the traveling show in The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus–very raw and rough on the edges but entertaining.

For other decorative elements, the fun, freaky quality of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland, which Mark and I both love.

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